1^4 Week 7: Charlotte Marinas, Dry Dock

So, today was a bit of a bust, at least for me. The wedding season started yesterday, and in a true genius move, I left my extra batteries in the bag with the rest of my wedding gear. Predictably, the battery in the camera died after about 10 minutes of shooting. Fortunately (for me at least), it was just Bob and I today and the crazy wind made it pretty unpleasant for shooting. So, we had an abbreviated photo session this week. On the up-side, this was a great location. I think we’ll come back here again soon… when it’s warmer!  -Art

Photographers today:

Bob Brown

Art Rothfuss III


1^4 Week 6: Downtown Rochester, Main/Plymouth

Another wonderful weekend shoot! Today, we went to the Main st. Plymouth st. are in Downtown Rochester. It was quite a contrast from last week, and an equally amazing place to photograph.


This week’s photographers:

Bob Brown

Art Rothfuss III

Kyle Makrauer


1^4 Week 5: Village of Fairport

Bob and I were joined by my old friend Mike today’s shoot.  We lucked out and had some fantastic weather for photographing in the village of Fairport. We shot telephoto lenses (~135mm in 35 equivalent), and once again, had a great morning of photography!

Photographers today were:

Michael D’Avignon

Bob Brown

Art Rothfuss III


1^4 Week 4: Cornhill Landing

We had decided to shoot the downtown Rochester riverfront, but ended up just doing Cornhill Landing instead. There were plenty of great photographs to be captured in just a few hundred meters. Our “one lens” for this week was wide-angle, ~28mm in equivalent 35mm format. Despite the freezing cold, we managed to capture some wonderful photographs.

Enjoy! -Art



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1^4 Week 3: Highland Park Botanical Gardens

We celebrated the first day of spring by going to the Highland Park Botanical Garden. Every time I go there I’m amazed at how wonderful it is. It’s a tiny building full of awesome!

This was the last week of “testing” with just Bob and myself before we invite one or two folks next week. We plan to open things up to all interested by tax day!

Enjoy! -Art