1^4 Week 22: MCC

Well, it seems folks were scared of the low/mixed light, interior, MCC challenge this week. (Yeah, I’m looking at you Bob!) At least that’s what Eileen and I are going with. And since we were the only ones who showed up this week, we get to make stuff up about those who didn’t. That’s the rule. For realzies.

Oh, we shot telephoto, and ate amazing food at The King and I while editing. (insert Nelson laugh here)

Photographers this week: Art Rothfuss III and Eileen Henry

1^4 Week 21: Black Creek Park

Nature. After weeks and weeks of urban and suburban setting, this week we left our photographic comfort zones and went for some… well… nature. And we shot wide angle.

Photographers this week: Art Rothfuss IIIBob BrownMichael D’AvignonEileen Henry, and Paul Baker

1^4 Week 20: Manhattan Square Park, Anything But the Park

So, we met in the same spot and shot the same lens (50mm), but with slightly different rules this week. We could shoot anywhere in the neighbor but could not enter the one block that contains the park. Fun fun!

Photographers this week: Art Rothfuss IIIBob BrownMichael D’AvignonEileen HenryBlayke Morrow and Kyle Makrauer


1^4 Week 19: Manhattan Square Park

We dodged some rain for the first few minutes, but stuck it out and were rewarded with some amazing light. Manhattan Square Park has changed a lot since I’ve been last, but there was tons to photograph! We also celebrated two birthdays while editing! Bob’s was last Saturday and Mike’s is tomorrow. Happy birthday gents!!

Photographers this week: Art Rothfuss IIIBob BrownMichael D’Avignon, Eileen Henry, Blayke Morrow and Kyle Makrauer

1^4 Week 18: Shoen Place, Pittsford

Less that 2 hours before the start of today’s shoot, it was pouring rain. By 6:00, skies were clearing and the clouds were gorgeous. Five minutes before shooting, I thought Mike and I would be the only photographers… then Val and Paul showed up. Yay newbies!!

Photographers this week: Art Rothfuss IIIMichael D’Avignon, Paul Baker, and Valerie Sorrells

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