1^4 Week 27: Mt. Hope Cemetery

We finally made it to Mt. Hope and it was, well, less than ideal. We started shooting at 6:05 and sunset was shortly after 6:30. We were prepared for low-light, what I didn’t plan on where the swarming, sparrow-sized, gorging-before-winter mosquitos!! Many of my images were shot one-handed, while frantically waving away bugs with the other. Next week, when the sun goes down even earlier? No clue, but we’ll do something! See you then…

Photographers this week: Art Rothfuss IIIBob BrownMichael D’Avignon, and Eileen Henry


1^4 Week 26: Corn Hill Landing

It was so nice to not have to worry about the weather this week! Tonight was an amazing fall evening walk along the river. Oh, and we took some picture too.

Photographers this week: Art Rothfuss IIIBob BrownMichael D’AvignonEileen HenryScott TangPaul Baker, and Chad Hockin.

1^4 Week 25: Village Gate, with a twist

Well, although today wasn’t a weather wash-out, it had rained so much recently that I decided to postpone our Mt. Hope shoot for a drier evening. And since we’d shot at Village Gate recently, I figured we ought to make things a bit more interesting. Long story short, each photographer drew a piece of paper with a word on it out of a hat, literally. They then had to spend the next hour photographing things related to that word. It was challenging, and a whole lot of fun. Due to the level of enthusiasm for the idea, look for more shoots like this in the future. You’ll see the photographer’s word-to-shoot next to their names below, and in the gallery. Next week, Corn Hill Landing!

Photographers this week: Art Rothfuss III (Light), Michael D’Avignon (Soft), Eileen Henry (Shadow), Paul Baker (Pattern), Scott Tang (Bumpy)


1^4 Week 24: Highland Park

We had some truly spectacular light tonight… for about 10 minutes. Oh well. It was warm and didn’t rain, so we were happy and made the most of it.

Photographers this week: Art Rothfuss IIIEileen HenryBob Brown, and Chad Hockin.

1^4 Week 23: Ontario Beach Park

Last week we were struggling for things to photograph. This week, there was almost too much. Lot’s to shoot and a wonderful early fall night to be at the beach!! Enjoy!

Photographers this week: Art Rothfuss IIIMichael D’AvignonEileen Henry, Paul Baker, and Chad Hockin.