1^4 Week 25: Village Gate, with a twist

Well, although today wasn’t a weather wash-out, it had rained so much recently that I decided to postpone our Mt. Hope shoot for a drier evening. And since we’d shot at Village Gate recently, I figured we ought to make things a bit more interesting. Long story short, each photographer drew a piece of paper with a word on it out of a hat, literally. They then had to spend the next hour photographing things related to that word. It was challenging, and a whole lot of fun. Due to the level of enthusiasm for the idea, look for more shoots like this in the future. You’ll see the photographer’s word-to-shoot next to their names below, and in the gallery. Next week, Corn Hill Landing!

Photographers this week: Art Rothfuss III (Light), Michael D’Avignon (Soft), Eileen Henry (Shadow), Paul Baker (Pattern), Scott Tang (Bumpy)