one camera | one lens | one hour to shoot | one hour to edit

1^4 Week 38: Ontario Beach Park

Holy perspiration, was it a hot one! So, instead of sweltering in the city, we baked at the beach. Actually, there was a nice breeze and some great light for shooting, and I was definitely happy to feel the sand between my toes.

Photographers this week: Art Rothfuss IIIMichael D’Avignon, and Mike O’Brien

1^4 Week 37: Village of Fairport

A warm evening with wonderful light, strolling down the canal and taking some pictures. It’s good to be back!

Photographers this week: Art Rothfuss IIIBob BrownEileen Henry, and Mike O’Brien

1^4 Week 36: U of R

The rain held off and no one got a parking ticket. Even if our photos were terrible (which they are NOT), it would have been a successful evening at the University of Rochester.

Also, we’d like to wish Kathleen good luck. She’ll be in Albuquerque working on her thesis for six months. We’ve loved having you along and will miss you while your gone. Come back soon!

Photographers this week: Art Rothfuss IIIBob BrownEileen HenryMichael D’AvignonKathleen Adelsberger, and Paul Baker


1^4 Week 35: Gibbs Street, > 5 ft.

We were very lucky today to be joined by renowned photographer Anika Rothfuss, my daughter. Since she’s only 7, she was exempt from the challenge rules of only focussing on subject material > 5ft from the lens. She had a great time and shot some amazing images. Oh, and we had fun too! Enjoy.

Photographers this week: Art Rothfuss IIIBob BrownEileen HenryDavid EschmannValerie Sorrells, and Anika Rothfuss.


1^4 Week 34: Gibbs Street, < 5 ft.

What a beautiful night for photography! So, this was our first challenge of the 2012 season. We were only allowed to focus within 5 feet of our lenses. It was a fun shoot as always. Enjoy!

Photographers this week: Art Rothfuss IIIBob BrownMichael D’AvignonDavid Eschmann, and Kathleen Adelsberger.